She just wanted to be like her twin sister, pedalling around, ringing her bell, laughing, having fun. But it wasn’t to be.

Due to birth complications, little Evie was born very premature, weighing only 612 grams. Her body didn’t develop very well, and she grew without enough strength in her torso to crawl or even get around on her tummy. She didn’t walk till she was three.

Plus, tragically, she lost her sight in both eyes. Evie is blind.

Mum and dad thought the idea of a bike was just a dream… until they learned about Freedom Wheels.

Freedom Wheels is a special TAD service that designs and builds tailor-made bikes for kids with disabilities. And this year, we want to raise enough money to give 60 children their Freedom Wheels.

Freedom Wheels aren’t just about fun — they also help little ones like Evie to build physical strength in their legs and their bodies. And they’re an incredibly powerful tool capable of helping children to develop their independence and self-confidence.

Please donate to make a dream come true for a child like Evie today.

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I’m determined to give Evie every opportunity to succeed at whatever she chooses to do. And her Freedom Wheels bike is a huge part of that process. It’s helping her to become the independent little person she wants and needs to be.

Lucy, Evie’s mum.

"Evie wants to do everything Ava does. Like going on her bike. She loves it. And it's developing her leg muscles and her core strength too. So while Evie thinks it's all about fun, it's actually helping her to stand better and walk better too. We couldn't be happier."

Lucy, Evie's mum

Please send a generous donation today, and you'll help another child like Evie benefit from their very own Freedom Wheels bike this school holidays!